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Quality of Service (QoS) in networks : A stream of packets from a source to destination is called a flow. Quality of Service is defined as… Read More
N-Dimensional Arrays: The N-Dimensional array is basically an array of arrays. As 1-D arrays are identified as a single index, 2-D arrays are identified using… Read More
The Java OutputStream class,, is the base class of all output streams in the Java IO API. An output stream accepts output bytes and… Read More
A single standalone program cannot be able to fulfill all the demands of the clients every request of the client has some different requests like… Read More
The Vector class implements a growable array of objects. Vectors basically fall in legacy classes but now it is fully compatible with collections. It is… Read More
The TreeMap is used to implement Map interface and Navigable Map with the AbstractMap class in Java. Various constructors can be used in the TreeMap… Read More
TreeMap class is a red-black tree implementation. It helps us in storing key-value pairs in sorted order. Here 3 approaches are discussed as follows where… Read More
LinkedHashSet is used to maintain the insertion order and for generating random elements from LinkedHashSet we will use Random Class to generate a random number… Read More
The best thing about Linux is that it comes in-built with most of the compilers and interpreters, because of this there is no need for… Read More
Given an array of strings str[] and a string key, the task is to check if the spelling of the key is correct or not.… Read More
Stetho is an open-source debug library developed by Facebook. It allows you to use chrome debugging tools to troubleshoot network traffic., thus it provides a… Read More
The Bot.hears() method is used in the Node.js telegraf Module. This module provides various functions to interact with the official Telegram Bot API. This method… Read More
In this article, we will learn to convert speech into text using HTML and JavaScript.  Approach: We added a content editable “div” by which we… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to find the sum of the floor value of (arr[i] / arr[j]) for all pairs… Read More
Pollard’s rho algorithm is an algorithm for integer factorization. It is particularly effective at splitting composite numbers with small factors. The Rho algorithm’s most remarkable… Read More
The LinkedHashSet is an ordered version of HashSet that maintains a doubly-linked List across all elements present in java.util package. When the iteration order is… Read More
Data structures of two types of Linear Data Structure and the second is Non-linear Data Structure the main difference between these Data structures is the… Read More
React uses forms to allow users to interact with the web page. In React, form data is usually handled by the components. When the data… Read More