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Let us see how to print an inverted heart pattern in Python. Example: Input: 11 Output: * *** ***** ******* ********* *********** ************* *************** *****************… Read More
Prerequisite: Turtle Programming in Python “Turtle” is a Python feature like a drawing board, which lets us command a turtle to draw all over it!… Read More
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Arcade is a Python module used for developing 2D games. For drawing a happy face, steps are as follows: Import arcade library. import arcade  Open… Read More
Given two binary matrices mat[][] and target[][] of dimensions N * M, the task is to find the minimum cost to convert the matrix mat[][]… Read More
Round 1 – Online MCQ round conducted on EduThrill which is their very own platform for conducting tests and hiring challenges. This round consisted of… Read More
Deutsche Bank visited our campus for full time as well as for internship in the end of July (28th and 29th). Total Rounds: Coding Round.… Read More
College: M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore Date: 26th August 2020 and 27th August 2020  Athena Health is a USA based IT company with the vision… Read More
Criteria  CGPA: 8+ Branch: CS, IT, E&TC Round 1 (Online coding Round 90 min): This was conducted on HackerEarth. There were 3 coding questions. The… Read More
Prerequisite: Dictionaries in PythonThese question sets will make you conversant with Dictionary Concepts in Python programming language. Question 1: Which of the following is true… Read More
UHG visited NIT Jalandhar for hiring Full-Time Software Engineers in August 2020. Eligibility Criteria: CGPA – 7 and above. Only Computer Science undergraduates. There were… Read More
Given a string S of lowercase English alphabets, the task is to find the minimum number of characters to be changed such that the left… Read More
It is very easy to give the CSS styles to HTML elements using style binding in Angular 8. Style binding is used to set a… Read More
The recruiter contacted me over LinkedIn, and sent me the link for the written test. Round 1  There is a shop with old-style cash registers.… Read More
Given an array arr[], the task is to find the mode of frequencies of elements of the given array. Examples: Input: arr[] = {6, 10,… Read More
The Drawer widget is used to as an additional sub-router that consists of various links to other routes (ie, pages) in the same application. It… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to find the number of ways to get the sum N by repeatedly throwing a dice. Examples: Input:… Read More
Each & Everybody wants to become a Good Programmer. But what is the definition of a good programmer? One who solve each & every program… Read More
Given an N-ary tree and an integer K, the task is to print the Kth ancestors of all the nodes of the tree in level… Read More
Round 1 (Online Assessment Test): Tier-1 college Platform: Hackerrank with tab proctoring and webcam proctoring enabled 5 sections(There is a section-wise time limit in their… Read More