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In simple words, IP Spoofing can be stated as “Hiding your Systems IP address from others”. It is essentially a technique used by hackers to… Read More
Flutter gauge is an information perception widget written in dart language to make a modern, interactive, and animated gauge check and is utilized to make… Read More
Concept: Coppersmith Freivald’s Algorithm is to check whether the matrix A multiplied by matrix B equals the given matrix C. It is used to verify… Read More
A function is said to be continuous if one can sketch its curve on a graph without lifting the pen even once. A function is… Read More
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Changing the name of the file is known as Renaming the file. Rename operation is possible using renameTo() method belongs to the File class in… Read More
Work: Work may be a sort of energy transfer. You are doing work on rock bottom whenever you walk and thus the bottom does work… Read More
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The scroll_snap_list package provides a wrapper that wraps around the ListView.builder widget to enable snapping event on List items. It can be modified to horizontal… Read More
1. Trade Mark : A trade name is a name used to register a business as a legal entity within the state where it operates.… Read More
Header Guards in C++ are conditional compilation directives that help to avoid errors that arise when the same function or variable is defined more than… Read More
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Discord is an instant messaging application mostly used by developers and gamer communities. Many discord servers use bots to automate the task. Bots are programs… Read More
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