CSS | Image Sprites

It is basically an image which is a collection of different images put together to form a single image. The use of image sprites is done for two main reasons:

  • For faster page loading since use only single image.
  • It reduce the bandwidth used to load multiple images. This way less data is consume.

Image sprites are generally used for designing a graphic social media bar or a navigation bar to make it more attractive and efficient at the same time. It is just a method in HTML and CSS to implement more efficient way of putting images and designing web pages.

Used Image:
icon image






<!DOCTYPE html>
            #navlist {
                position: relative;
            #navlist li {
                margin: 0;
                padding: 0;
                list-style: none;
                position: absolute;
                top: 0;
            #navlist li, #navlist a {
                height: 100px;
                display: block;
            .gfg {
                width: 100px;
                background: url(
            .gfg1 {
                width: 100px; 
                background: url(
            .gfg2 {
                width: 100px; 
                background: url(
        <ul id="navlist">
            <li class = "gfg"><a href="#"></a></li>
            <li class = "gfg1"><a href="#"></a></li>
            <li class = "gfg2"><a href="#"></a></li>


sprite image


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