CSS border Property

The border property in CSS is used to style the border of an element. This property is a combination of three other properties border-width, border-style, and border-color as can be used as a shorthand notation for these three properties. It sets or returns the border-width, border-style, border-color Properties.


border = "width style color|initial|inherit"

Property Values:

  • width: This value specifies the weight or the width of the border.
  • style: This value specifies a style for the border, that is whether the border will be dotted, dashed, solid etc.
  • color: This value specifies the color of the border.

Below code illustrate the border property in CSS:





<!DOCTYPE html>
        CSS | border Property
        h1 {
            color: green;
        #gfg {
            border: 4px solid blue;
            width: 60%;
        <h2>DOM Style border Property</h2>
        <!-- Element whose border will be styled -->
        <div id="gfg">
            It is a computer science portal for geeks.



Supported Browsers: The browser supported by CSS border property are listed below:

  • Google Chrome 1.0
  • Internet Explorer 4.0
  • Firefox 1.0
  • Opera 3.5
  • Apple Safari 1.0

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