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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-Intern | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2020
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I am a final year BTech student at USICT, GGSIPU. Amazon visited our university for the role of SDE Intern (6 months).

ROUND 1 (Online Assessment Test): Initially, an online assessment test was conducted to shortlist candidates for the interview process.

Online test consists of four sections:

Debugging: This section had 7 debugging problems, which consist of code snippets that have some logical error that needs to be rectified. I solved all 7 problems. They were very easy.

Reasoning Ability: This section consists of some verbal reasoning questions and some aptitude questions. The question level was easy.

Coding: This section consists of 2 coding problems.

  • My first question was a simple matrix problem which I solved within 3–5 minutes.
  • The second question was to determine if a given tree S is a valid subtree of a tree T. I solved this problem as well.

The final section was a kind of survey or behavioural analysis. It consists of various work or behaviour related questions.

Around 30 candidates were shortlisted from my campus and over 150+ candidates were shortlisted from the university, and I was one of them. Then my first round of interviews was scheduled. I was pretty nervous before the interview.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): My interviewer introduced himself in the beginning and asked for my introduction.

  1. The first question he asked was Product Array Puzzle. It was a simple problem that I was able to solve after a little thinking.
  2. The second problem he asked about was an Asteroid collision problem. I tried to solve this problem. Thought of various approaches but was not able to solve this problem. I told one of my approaches to the interviewer, after discussing my approach, finally, he asked me to code the solution. My approach was not that straight forward as a result I was not able to code it properly, and he was not satisfied with the solution.

The interview was time-bound and I took most of my time solving the second problem leaving me no time to move forward.

Finally, the interview was over and as I knew already, I was not selected for the second round.

PS: I solved my second problem within 5 minutes after the interview was over. Maybe I just got nervous and thought too much. It was a simple problem with a straight forward and easy approach (using stack)

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