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HashedIn by Deloitte Interview Experience for SDE Intern+FTE | Off-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2021
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Hey everyone, I hope all is well with you!!

 I cracked Hashedln off-campus through LinkedIn. I message to employees from HashedIn, and from one of them I got a reply, and he gives me the referral and from that, I got the LinkedIn.

I will explain to you how I prepare for this, the interview round, and all these things? and some tips I will share with you which I follow.

Interview Rounds

Round 1(Online test): There were three questions

I don’t remember the question, but I mention the topic related to it. The question is generally like the div2 code forces contest.

  1. Based on prime number (Medium)
  2. Based on Arrays, the language for this question was quite confusing and not clear. (Medium)
  3. Based on Array manipulation(Hard)

All questions having some points, and I was able to solve them (2.1/3.0)

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): First, the interviewer is very friendly, whenever I stop somewhere he helps me or give some suggestion towards this.

The round began with my and the interviewer’s introduction. Then he asked a bit about my internship. Then he sent me a google doc and asked me to share my screen then discussed the following questions:

  3. Then he asked questions from the OOPS pillar(like encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, etc) and one question from DBMS difference between normalization and denormalization.

The interview lasted for an hour.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): It also starts with my introduction, this round was basically more focused on your programming language.  They asked which language you are comfortable with, so I choose Java there. They want to see your oops logic and how you manage your code.

In this round, they tell me to open any editor(I opened my local editor IntelliJ). So before the interview please set up all these things. Then I share my screen.

3. Hands-on interface and some normal questions with implements and extend.
4. Why string is immutable? This question becomes very interesting later, I give him the reason why the string is immutable. Then he said can you create the same thing in any variable/data structure. He says, let say you want to create a new data structure how you make this data structure immutable.

Tip:- Never direct say the answer, just take your time in the end generally interview give some suggestion

Approach:- As you know immutable means it would be final(so we can’t change the value for this) and it is also static which means it’s basically a class variable, not an object instance. (If you don’t get it just read about immutable you will get it).

Round 4(Technical Interview 3): Optional for me

For some people, they take the third tech round, it’s optional depends on your first two interviews.

Round 5(Hiring Round):

This round was the same as the HR round in which I was asked some HR questions like

  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Why Hashedin?
  3. Strengths and weaknesses.

And some more HR questions.

Tips for hashedIn:-

  1. HashedIn focuses more on problem-solving. So be ready with your DSA
  2. You should have good a hands-on programming language. You should know how oops pillar is working.
  3. know your basic subjects like DBMS, OOPS, OS, CN(optional)

Verdict- SELECTED!


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