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HashedIn Interview Experience for SDE Intern+FTE (On-Campus Jan 2021)

Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2021
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Round1 (Online coding round) : This round had 3 questions

1) Infix to post fix conversion

2) This question was same as level order traversal of tree, but question statement was a bit tricky.(if you are familiar with level order traversal then you can easily do it).                                  

3) In this problem, we have to find the longest common substring of k different strings.

Eg:  for k=4,   str1= abcdabc, str2= sdbcdacb, str2= gucbcsgardsb

Output: bc

I was able to solve first two problems and third one partially.

I think there were 4 sets in this round, almost 50-60 students appeared in this round and 11(approx) were selected for the next round;

Round2 (Technical interview round 1) :

This round started with my introduction. 

Interviewer gave me a question and first he explained it and then told me to proceed with it.

Given a binary matrix(n*n) consisting of 0s and 1s(not sorted), return the row number consisting of maximum no of 1s.

Input :

1 1 0 0 0

0 1 0 0 1

1 1 1 1 1

0 0 0 0 0

1 0 1 1 1

Output : 2

I gave him brut force solution O(n^2) and immediately he asked me to optimize it. The interviewer was super friendly and he gave me some hints and finally I was able to solve it in O(N logN) time.

This was the only coding question which he asked me, some of my friend we asked 3 questions also.

After this he asked me many questions on dsa:

Difference b/w linked-list and array, when to use them.

various sorting algorithm like- selection sort, insertions sort, quick sort, merge sort.

After this he asked me few questions on computer networks. 

That’s all about this round. only 2 students were selected for the next round(me included).

Round3 (Technical interview round 2) :

This started a bit late so interviewer just gave me 2 questions and asked to solve them.

Problem 1: Implement hash map using array. 

he wanted me to implement it fully, considering collisions and I was not able to implement it.

Problem2: Rotate a 2d matrix.

That’s all about this round.

I was not able to clear this round.

Note: You should know how to implement any data structure, do not ignore them “ki baad main kr lenge”. Treat every question equally and yes, do not lose hope during interview try do solve the question and do think loud because only then interviewer will be able to catch your thoughts and definitely will give you some hints if you got stuck 🙂

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