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Amazon Interview Experience For Internship (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2024
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Hi everyone, here, a pre-final year CS student at Banasthali Vidyapith. I’m excited to share my journey to landing a 6-month SDE Internship at Amazon India! In this article, I will detail my entire interview experience.

Application and Eligibility

On Feb 5th,2023, I received an e-mail from my college regarding the 6-month project Internship drive (from July 2024 to December 2024) of AMAZON for Batch 2025. Over 270 students from my university participated in the online assessment.

✅Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible Courses: B.Tech (CS / IT) VI Semester of Batch 2025
  • Eligibility Criteria: 65% & Above separately in 10th Class, 12th Class & in the current B.Tech course (aggregate till the IV sem)

Pre-Placement Talk (PPT)

We had a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT), an inspiring session where a panel of Amazon employees discussed the Amazon Brand and experiences and shared their tips for success on 7th February 2024.

Round 1: Online Coding Assessment

Platform: Hackerrank


  • Coding (70 minutes) comprising two Data Structure and Algorithm (DSA) questions.
  • Work Style Assessment (20 minutes) centered around Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

One of the questions was based on greedy algo (medium level) and the other one was strings—based (medium level). I was able to pass all the test cases for one question and half for another.

Then, One had to answer around 50 questions in the workstyle assessment. In each question, there were two options and one had to move the slider closer to the option preferred. Each page had around 8 questions. One was not able to switch between pages. It was an easy round as the questions were supposed to be answered intuitively. I would suggest that one read about Amazon’s leadership principles before attempting this round. This round is very important, as I have seen many people taking it lightly and getting rejected. Amazon places an equal importance on Behavioral and Technical assessment.

I got the mail regarding the interview round after the week of my online assessment. 30 students were chosen for online interviews in total. The next round was scheduled the next day!

Round 2: Technical Interview

This one-hour interview on Amazon Chime involved two interviewers.

It started with the three of us introducing ourselves. Do craft a concise introduction that encapsulates the key milestones of your professional journey summarizing the crucial aspects of your career. Then he jumped into DSA. He explained that he would be asking 2 DSA questions and I had to code both.

I can not disclose the exact questions.

  • It was a question revolved around the application of stacks.
  • The problem was based on trees and their traversals.

I ensured that I collected all the anticipated requirements before commencing the coding process. In this round, it was important to have constant communication with the interviewer. He cross-questioned my approach many times. We deliberated on the advantages and disadvantages of different strategies, and he provided me with valuable hints. I began by elucidating the brute force solution and then progressed to the optimized approach, detailing the associated time and space complexities. Subsequently, he asked me to code the refined solution. He seemed satisfied with my code. In the end, he asked if I had any questions for him.
This round of interviews lasted for almost 1 hour.

Some of the things to keep in mind during the interview process:

  • Discuss your approach clearly and think out loud.
  • Be open to hints and discuss solutions collaboratively.
  • Amazon’s Leadership Principles are crucial.
  • Aim for the most optimized solution while explaining complexity.
  • Discuss time and space complexity beforehand.
  • Prepare insightful questions to show your genuine interest.

Timeline for the Entire Process

  • Info about campus placement drive of AMAZON→ 5th February 2024
  • Online PPT Date & Time: 7th February, 2024
  • Online Assessment on Hackerrank → 9th February 2024
  • Mail of shortlisted students for the interview process -> 14th February 2024
  • Online Interview → 15th February 2024
  • Selection Mail -> 16th February 2024

Verdict — SELECTED!

Out of 30 students who were selected after the Online assessment, only 3 students were selected for a 6-month Summer Internship at Amazon including me. I was overjoyed!

That wraps up my experience. Best of luck to everyone with your upcoming interviews! Thank you for reading!

If you found this helpful, feel free to clap, and check out my other interview experience here.

For any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to comment or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

All the best!

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