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HashedIn Interview Experience for SDE Intern and FTE | Off-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021
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Online test

Three questions were there(Difficulty level – Easy , medium).

Ques1 – based on arrays

Ques2 – based on strings

Ques3 – based on trees

Don’t remember exact questions.

Technical Interview round 1

Interviewer asked me to introduce myself.

He asked some oops related questions.

Two Coding questions were asked-

1.Slight modification of word break problem.

2.Coin change problem.

You can easily find these problems on geeks for geeks.

Technical round 2

1. Check whether 2strings are anagrams or not.

2. Delete a node from the linked list in which the head pointer is not given.

3.Find Nth node from last in a linked list.

4.Given an integer array,find the length of the longest contiguous subarray where the product of all elements is positive.

Technical round 3

It started by asking my introduction and some questions related to my projects mentioned on the resume.

Coding questions-



SQL Queries

1.Find 5th highest salary of an employee in the given table.

2.Find the details of employees who are manager. (Tables were given by the interviewer)

HR round

1.Hobbies and interests

2.Family background

3.Why hashedin?

4.Your strengths.


In all technical interview rounds, Interviewers were going in-depth to know whether your concepts are strong or not. If your ds algo concepts are strong , you can easily make it through.

You should also be clear with time and space complexity.

You should know why are you using that particular data structure for that particular question, why can’t you use any other data structure. Example-In my interview round 2, first of all , I tell them brute force approach for finding anagrams then he asked to optimize it. Then,I used hash map.I said that we can use an unsorted hashmap.So he asked me that why are you not using a sorted hash map and many more related reasonings.


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