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HashedIn by Deloitte Interview Experience for SDE Intern+FTE | Off-Campus 2021
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2021

Round 1 (Online test)-

There were three questions- 

Ques1 – In this one basically had to calculate the mean in an array but with some twists.(Easy)

Ques2 – Based on Arrays, the language for this question was quite confusing and not clear.(Medium)

Ques3 – Based on Graphs(Hard)

I successfully completed 2/3 Questions.

Round 2 (Technical Interview round 1)-

The round began with my and interviewer’s introduction. Then he asked a bit about my projects. Then he sent me a google doc and asked to share my screen then discussed the following questions-



3. Reverse the Linked list (both iterative and recursive).



6. Discussed about DFS and BFS.

7. Some SQL queries.

8. What happens when you enter on the web browser?

The interview lasted for an hour.

Round 3 (Technical Interview round 2)-

This too began with a short intro and about projects.

1. He asked me to design a database for an Online Movie Booking Site. The interviewer was more focused on the relationship between the     entities rather than making useless attributes for the entities. He gave me some hints whenever I got stuck. We discussed this for about 25-30 minutes.

2. Later he asked me an easy DP question for which I gave both the recursive and DP approach.


4. Then he asked me some questions from OS ,DBMS and OOPS on topics like Segmentation, Paging, Kernel, Multi-threading, Normalisation etc.

Note- The interviewer was also interested to know if the candidate is interested in the company or not. So try to show your interest and study well about the company and technologies used.

Round 4(Hiring Fitment Round)- 

This round was same as the HR round in which I was asked some HR questions like

1. Introduce Yourself.

2. Why Hashedin? 

3. Strengths and weaknesses.

And some more HR questions.


Hashedin focuses more on  problem-solving abilities, so make sure you’re ready with DSA. Always think aloud because the interviewer is interested in knowing your thought process. Don’t give up on any question easily, keep trying it and discuss the various approaches that comes into your mind. Study about the company and HU(Hashedin University).

Verdict- SELECTED!

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