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Intuit Interview Experience | On-Campus-2021

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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Intuit visited our campus for intern and FTE roles for freshers. They conducted an online assessment round 

  • Type of Round- Online Assessment
  • Time Allocated- 90min
  • No of Questions asked- 4


  1. Employee Reward: You have been a phenomenal employee of your company so your boss is going to give you some bonus money. however to get the maximum bonus he has given you a coding challenge with a number K and has given a string S of digits denoting a positive integer. your bonus will be largest number possible by performing swaps operations on the digits of S at most Ktimes. Article Link:
    Practice Link:
  2. Boolean Parenthesis: it was a hard dp problem Practice Link:
  3. Chocolate bags  a classical DP problem: Practice Link:
  4. I don’t remember the question but it was an easy problem based on loops

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