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Zoho Interview Experience for Level 2 Software Developer (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2023
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I hope this experience is useful, and I am from the non-IT department.

Round 1:

We were given 10 aptitude and 10 general aptitude questions, and around 1 hour was given for this round.

The C aptitude was a combination of recursions, pointers, finding outputs, and other technical C questions.

The general aptitudes were profit/loss, age, percentage, probability, simple interest, compound interest, Time and work, speed, and Distance, etc.

So, for round 1, it was common for all, and with the scores we got, we were divided into 3 groups: Level 1, 2, and 3, where Level 1 was for high-level software developers, Level 3 was for QA engineers, and Level 2 was between those.

I was selected for the level 2 group

Round 2:

It was a coding round with six questions given to us, and the difficulty went from easy to hard gradually. I remember some of those questions.

1. Find the column number for the given Excel column.

2. Shift the zeros to end. I gave an approach and was asked to optimize without using an extra array, and after some thinking, I solved it.

3. To find the palindrome substring within the given substring I gave one approach, and they were satisfied.

4. A matrix of N*N will be given; we have to find the possible counts of routes if we can move right and down in the matrix towards the end. This was a bit tricky, and I gave some mathematical solutions, but I couldn’t solve it completely, so it was considered an approach.

5. Buy and sell stock to get maximum profit. Straight after reading this question, I knew I wouldn’t be able to solve it with an optimal solution, so I went for the brute force approach and was able to get the output given for the question. I was then asked to optimize, and I tried hard till the time ran out and I couldn’t give them an optimized solution.

There were a total of 6 questions, and I completely answered 4 either with or without an optimal solution, 1 partially, and 1 was unsolved.

After this, I was given a chance for the third round.

Round 3:

This was again a 3- to 4-hour coding round where I got a railway ticket booking system with 8 modules. Module were

1. Display train routes; 2. Add train routes; 3. Book; 4. Passenger details; 5. Payment; 6. Ticket cancellation; and 2 more. These modules were given some conditions and scenarios for which we had to handle them without exception.

Out of the 8 modules, I was able to implement 5 modules effectively with working, and I did it in C++ in Turbo C. I had some troubles as I was not in touch with my programming skills for this kind of class- and object-level code implementation. But they helped me and were giving me advice to recollect what I had learned. This gave me some encouragement, and I did those 5 modules, and for the other 3 I explained how they would be executed and where the code snippets should be added to complete the layout.

After this, I got my interview call for the next day.

Round 4:

Technical Round Interview

This had technical questions, from C++ and then from OOP Concepts. They gave me two logical puzzles, and I was able to solve one puzzle partially, but I couldn’t solve the other. Then there are some general questions as well, like, Why Zoho? Why should we hire you?. Your long- and short-term goals, why engineering in this department, and why choosing an IT company

I gave my best, and this was it. I wasn’t able to clear this round, but I got feedback regarding my skill level, and it was really helpful.


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