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I have recently given a Personal interview for Josh Technology Group (Software Quality Analyst). And I will tell my experience through this article. There are… Read More
There are two events : Online coding round (4 Round) Interview round (4 Round ) Online Coding Round : MCQ/ Objective Round- 40 Technical questions… Read More
Online Coding Rounds The first round consists of 3 phases. All of them are online and all rounds the elimination rounds. Phase 1 (Objective round):… Read More
This was an on-campus opportunity for batch 2023 passing graduates for SD (Software Developer role) and FE ( Frontend Engineer role). This was my experience… Read More
This was an on-campus opportunity open to 2023 graduates for SDE and FE roles. It consisted of three rounds, all taking place on the same… Read More
This was an on-campus opportunity for the 2023 batch. Each round was an eliminatory round so you have to clear all rounds. There were three… Read More
Hello Everyone recently I applied for the front-end developer role at Josh Technology Group. The whole process took almost one month. The process started with… Read More
Company – Josh Technology Group  Profile – Frontend Developer (Intern + FTE) Total Rounds – 7 NOTE – STL/Libraries Not allowed Description:  Round 1: Online… Read More
Online Selection Test: The comprised of three phases and all of them were on the same day. Phase 1(MCQ ROUND): This round consists of 50… Read More
Online Selection Test: This comprised of two phases. Both of which were on the same day.  Phase 1 (Online Objective round): Set of 50 simple… Read More
After Clearing Written Round <a href=””>JOSH TECHNOLOGY RECRUITMENT PROCESS</a>, I was Called for the Interviews.  For every round, interviewer asked the logic for each question,… Read More
Round 1:   Round 1 was conducted online in campus, in which 50 Basic C Language Logical Mcq Questions was Asked. Mostly from topics like Arrays,… Read More
Round 1: 1.What is the output of the following code? #include <stdio.h> int main() { int x=5; if(x==5){ if(x==5)break; printf(“Hello”); } printf(“Hi”); } 2. What… Read More

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