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Fractal Analytics Interview Experience

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The description is of my interview experience with Fractal Analytics for the role of Imagineer (Trainee Data Scientist) during the campus placement drive in January 2021.

Round 1(Aptitude Test): First-round had basic aptitude questions. 

  1. The test had 70 questions in total divided into 4 sections – Data Analysis, Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Verbal Ability. 75 minutes were allotted to solve the questions. The level of the questions was moderate, with a few difficult questions.
  2. Tips: Practice aptitude questions from online sources like ( to get used to aptitude tests before round 1.

Round 2(Technical Test): The second round was a technical test, which had questions on SQL, and either Python or R (the choice was given before the test to select either Python or R). 

  1. There were 8 questions in total, 4 on SQL, and 4 on either Python or R. The questions on SQL were of moderate difficulty. Most of the SQL questions involved the use of some kind of joins. The questions on Python involved the knowledge of NumPy and Pandas libraries and were of easy to moderate difficulty.
  2. 90 minutes were given to solve the 8 questions, which was more than sufficient considering the difficulty level of the questions. The code was to be written in the coding environment provided in the test. There were sample test cases to verify your code.
  3. Students were shortlisted after this basis the result of the first 2 rounds combined.
  4. Tips: Practice easy to moderate SQL questions from online sources like (Leet code and Khan Academy), especially those that require using joins. For NumPy and Pandas, follow online video tutorials/courses on YouTube (like Data School, Codebasics, and

Round 3 (Technical interview I): The technical interview lasted for 20 minutes. Most of the questions were based on my resume and my previous internship experience (with the Data Science team at a non-banking finance company).

  1. The interviewer asked me a bit about myself initially, followed by a few questions surrounding my project during my previous internship. 
  2. The interviewer then asked a few questions on things I had mentioned on my resume (like stock trading/investing).
  3. Tips: Be confident throughout. Prepare a nice introduction that sets the tone right for the interview. In the introduction, focus on the things that you are the most comfortable talking about, and guide the interviewer in that direction. Know your resume well.

Round 4 (Technical interview II): Both the first and the second technical interviews were pretty similar. The second technical interview also lasted for 20 minutes. 

  1. The focus was again on my project during my previous internship and a few other projects that I had done during my pre-final year. The interviewer asked a few follow-up questions on the same.
  2. Tips: Ask a couple of questions a the end (about the role, the company, the work culture, or any other thing). It shows you’ve done research about the company and the role, and that you are genuinely interested.

Round 5 (HR interview): 

  1. The company HR asked pretty straightforward and standard questions (strengths/weaknesses, how my friends would describe me, my thoughts on working in a group, my views on leadership, working under deadlines, and biggest professional achievements/failure).
  2. Tips: Prepare for standard HR questions beforehand, and just be confident while speaking.

Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021
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