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Open for CSE, MnC, ECE, EEE. (All Majors) Online Coding Round. We were asked to do 5 coding problems on the HackerRank platform. Time duration:… Read More
Round 1: This was machine coding round, they had given a question in paper and asked us to code for it. You are supposed to… Read More
Four rounds were conducted by Myntra. Please find details of the rounds below: 1. First round First round was written round of duration 60 minutes.… Read More
Round 1: Find an element in Bitonic array Longest Bitonic Subsequence | DP-15 Round 2: Merge k sorted arrays | Set 1 Round 3: Design… Read More
Round 1: Given Parent Array Such that parent[i]=j where j is the parent and Value array . Need to Find Best possible sum . Root… Read More
Round 1 (90 Mins) : In total there were 10 questions (6 MCQ and 4 Coding questions). MCQ questions not very tough. Coding questions were… Read More
Process : There was an online round out of which top 30 students were selected. It was followed by 3 technical interviews and 1 technical… Read More
Write a C program to detect a loop in a linked list and remove it. Find the kth largest element in an array. Determine if… Read More
Myntra visited our campus on the first day of placements. Before coming to college, they held the first round which was online. Online Round (First… Read More
First round (online round) Few mcq questions -mostly techical (C, CPP, DS, OS, DBMS, etc..) and math aptitude; which also had programming question (the question… Read More
Online Round This round had 5 mcq’s and 2 coding questions. The mcq’s were mostly on quantitative aptitude like profit and loss, age, train, ratio… Read More
Attended coding interview for myntra. Question was based on the movement of Robot. G-GO one unit L-Turn left R-Turn right Given an input of string… Read More
I was recently interview for Senior Software Engineer @Myntra. This is my interview experience. Round 1 : Online Test (90 mins) Online test was help… Read More
Recently Myntra visited our campus for hiring full timers as well as interns . I would like to share my experience as a full time… Read More
1st round(coding): Given a tree, in which leaf nodes for a doubly-linked cycle Print cycle. Tell me if a binary tree is BST? 2nd round(problem… Read More