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Myntra Interview Experience | 5years Experienced for Senior Software Engineer

Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2020
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Round 1: This was machine coding round, they had given a question in paper and asked us to code for it.

  1. You are supposed to build a mini E-commerce website (only back-end and completely in memory).
    • Admin can come and add products through the console, File System or other 3rd party Api.
    • Users can view the products in the inventory system and can purchase the products.
    • User can purchase the products in 2 ways.
      1. Directly pay the money from any payment gateway
      2. In EMI options with the pre-defined credit limit which should be configurable at user level based on his previous payments.

Round 2: In this round the questions were related to DS-ALGO.

  1. Count all distinct pairs with difference equal to k.
  2. Program to print all substrings of a given string.

Round 3: This round’s questions were also related to DS-ALGO.

  1. Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit.
  2. Maximum sum path in a matrix from top to bottom and back

Round 4: This was the design round.

  1. Even System on Database. Consider a Database like Oracle or MySql and there are a couple of transactions happening on that Database. Design Notification system where users can register to a particular topic and can listen to those notificationsEx: Let’s consider Database for Company and employee table. If a row is inserted into the table it means a new person has joined that company. So an even should be triggered to the IT team for providing the infrastructure to that employee. Similarly, if any update in the salary table happens then Accounts Team should be informed about his bonus etc.

Round 5: This was the HR round. A formal introduction after that asked me below questions:

  1. Tells me the most challenging work which I have done related to technical things.
  2. Design for Twitter top trending hashtags.
  3. Reason for leaving 1st company and current company.
  4. What do you mean by a good team and a bad team?
  5. A couple of behavioral questions.

Suggestions: Get the requirements clear first and then jump into problem. Prepare yourself to write code on paper or on a whiteboard. Try to go through all the edge cases. Be more vocal in the hiring manager round.

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