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Myntra Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

Online Coding Round: This round consisted of 5 coding problems to be solved within an hour on HackerRank Platform. Students who were able to solve all 5 were shortlisted for the interviews. 

Interview Round 1(Technical – Duration: 60 minutes): The interviewer first introduced herself and then I was asked to introduce myself. I introduced myself and told her about my previous internships. I was asked 4 coding questions followed by this. The HackerRank Code Pair platform was used for the interviews.

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Coding Questions asked were:

  1. Find Middle of Linked List: This is a pretty standard problem. I explained the brute force approach first and then explained the two-pointer approach. I was asked to code the two-pointer approach. 
  2. Implement Heap using Array: This was a follow-up question to how can you implement a priority queue. I was asked to code the implementation of a min-heap.
  3. Matrix Chain Multiplication: I explained the basic approach first and then the Dynamic Programming approach. I was asked to code the DP approach. 
  4. Check whether two line segments intersect: I explained the mathematical approach first which will solve the problem but I was asked to think of a simpler solution not involving complex calculations. With a hint from the interviewer, I was able to solve the problem. Remember to think out loud when you don’t know the approach to a problem. The interviewer will usually help you think in the right direction. 

Interview Round 2(Technical – Duration: 60 minutes): This round followed the same pattern as the previous round. Introductions followed by 3 coding questions. 

Coding Questions asked were:

  1. Minimum number of Platforms required: I explained the brute force approach first and then the optimized approach involving sorting. 
  2. Populate next right pointers in a binary tree: I explained the level order traversal approach first and then was optimized it to constant space complexity. I was asked to code the constant space solution 
  3. LRU Cache: I was first asked what is a cache and then the LRU cache problem is. I explained my approach using an unordered map and an array to store the relative ordering.

Verdict: Selected 

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