Myntra Interview Experience | For Senior SDE

Four rounds were conducted by Myntra. Please find details of the rounds below:

1. First round
First round was written round of duration 60 minutes. There were 6 sections and 30 mcq + 1 coding questions in total. Sections were based on HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, Data structures and one coding question.

2. Second round
This comprises of three coding questions.
3. .
4. One follow up question : for which nxm values, knight can visit each square atleast once.

3. Design round.
This round consisted of two questions.
1. Design nearby/yelp application. DB schema and API design was required. Apart from this, sql query was asked for getting list of places given latitude/longitude. How can you optimize this sql query for densely populated city. Given answers such as partitioning data based on latitude/longitude, indexing etc. Not sure about its answer.
2. Design user feed generation for this nearby application considering reviews as posts. DB schema and API design was required. For faster response, how can you compute user feed. Cache design was discussed. Is this push/pull model for feed generation? Also, how will you cope up with celebrity with many followers.

Fourth round is hiring manager round.

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