Intuit Interview Experience | Set 12

Technical Round-1
1. Maximum Subarray Sum problem: Different approaches and code
2. Given a 2-D char array, with random alphabets, find the word “INTUIT”, s/t “N” lies in the neighborhood of I, T lies in the neighborhood of N, and so on. Neighborhood meaning any of the eight squares around the middle square. Approach and code using recursion.
3. Linked List: Pairwise reverse the linked List, eg : 1->2->3->4->NULL to 2->1->4->3->NULL. Code with proper syntax. Dry Run

Example Output-based Question.

int d;
char * p1 = malloc(100);
printf(“%s %d %s”, p1, d, p2, p3, p4);

And so on…

Technical Round-2
1. Introduce yourself.
2. General discussions on the languages: C, C++, Java
3. Questions related to Pointers: Output based questions –
4. Memory Leak and a program where this occurs.
5. General OS concepts
6. Given 2 processes P1, and P2. And P1 allocates a pointer ptr1 with an address FH1231, discuss if P2 can access this.

Technical Round-3
1. Given 2 strings A and B, determine if B is a rotation of A. Code and logic
2. Given n consecutive numbers starting from 1, determine the one missing number. Different approaches.
3. OOPS concepts eg: Comparison of objects, Everything about Inheritance, Static and Dynamic Binding.

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