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Intuit Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

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Round 1:Online Round

4 Coding Questions.The level was medium, but there has to be appropriate practice for solving codes on time.

Total marks-200(No Cgpa criteria)

Marks alloted for each Questions was:-

Q.1- 75

Q.2- 50

Q.3- 50

Q.4- 25

To Qualify this round atleast, 75 marks was needed.

P.s:-(Here you can try to gain more marks as in some questions, return -1 was solving some of test cases and people were gaining 40 marks by doing only that.Also find different alternatives)

Round 2:In this round, Interview was Online.

They had given us some codes on the window and told us to solve it in front of them.If you are able to solve it, then they will tell you to optimize it.

Round 3:Online hr round through Skype.

If you are able to clear it then you will get a call after a week.

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Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2019
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