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Intuit Interview | Set 5 (On-Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Intuit visited our campus for summer internship for positions of Software developer and Software Quality Engineering. I was among the 5 people to be selected for the internship. The details of the process are as follows: 

Written Round: 
This was a written round. Proper code with correct syntax to be written on paper. 
There were 4 questions to be solved in 1 hour. Some questions needed test cases and time complexity to be answered as well. 
1) Binary numbers are given as linked lists. Add and store result in linked list. 
2) A number starting from 1 can be got by either multiplying 3 or adding 5 to it. Given a number, find the sequence of operations to get it or say it’s not possible. 
Eg: 13 = 1 * 3 + 5 + 5, 15 ; Not possible 
3) Given an input array on integers. Output an array of same length such that the value at ith position of output array is the product of all numbers in input array except that at ith position. 
Eg: Input: 3, 5, 7 Output: 35, 21, 15 
4) Sort a stack in ascending order using another stack. 

12 people were shortlisted for next round. 

Design Round: 
This was NOT an elimination round. 
It was a problem solving team exercise to understand their way of working. 
The interviewers were making notes though during the exercise, don’t know if it affected our selection. 

Interview Round 1 (Tech): 
General questions based on resume, was asked to explain my internship project. 
He asked questions on my written round. Asked me to find the bug in my code for 1st problem. He was extremely happy with me when I gave the correct answer. 
He asked me for the code for the last problem since I hadn’t solved it. 
Asked to reverse linked list using recursion, since I said I did by iteration earlier. 
He had written code of second problem, I had to find bugs in it. 
Discussion on quality engineering and developer profiles. 

Interview Round 2 (HR): 
This was more of a general discussion. She told me about what quality engineers do, how their role is more powerful. Asked me how you would test the Google page. 
She was extremely impressed by my resume and asked me questions about my electives. She told me in this round itself that I was selected, only need to wait for the official announcement. 

I would like to thank geeksforgeeks for all the resources, they really helped me prepare well. I hope this article helps students. One advice, make sure you make a good resume and also try to focus on proper code and explaining your logic well. 

Thank you! 



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