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Reliance Jio Platforms Limited Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2021
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Company: Jio Platform Limited

Job Profile: Deputy Manager


  • CSE & ECE (Only Regular ones not dual degree)
  • Minimum 65% in Academics(X, XII)
  • Minimum 6.5 CGPA with no active backlog

Location: Navi Mumbai

Round 1(Online Test): It consists of 2 Sections

1. Computer Programming:

  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Time Duration – 30 Minute
  • Total Questions – 20

2. Logical Question:

  • Difficulty Level – Easy
  • Time Duration – 15 Minute
  • Total Question – 14

Round 2(Coding Round): Total of 43 Students shortlisted from previous round and were eligible for this round.  

  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Time duration – 45 Minutes
  • Total no of questions – 2    

Round 3(Technical Interview): Total 36 Students shortlisted from previous round for this Interview round. 

  • The candidate who was able to solve 1 question completely or both questions partially was shortlisted.
  • Time Duration of interview – 60-70 Minute

Following question was asked during interview

  1. Introduce yourself and tell about your projects in brief.
  2. How many times minutes and hours hand overlap in a 12-hour clock in a duration of 12 hours.
  3. How to remove 50% of water from a right cylinder, if it is fully filled. You don’t have anything except the cylinder which is filled with water.

Then he shared a coder-pad link with me and asked me to solve some problems live. The coding problems were.

  1. A string is given which consists only of parentheses. I have to find whether it is valid or not. (Stack problem). Firstly he asked me about the approach for this question, then we discussed its complexity. After that, I coded the problem and he tested it with some test cases.
  2. Check whether a number is a Happy number or not. A number is called happy if it leads to 1 after a sequence of steps wherein each step number is replaced by the sum of squares of its digit, that is if we start with Happy Number and keep replacing it with digits square sum, we reach 1.

The same process followed by discussing the approach, its complexity, and coding. I coded it using hashing. After that, he asked me to code it using the concept of linked list (loop or not).

That’s it. He ended the interview.

Earlier we were told that there will be 2 or 3 rounds of personal interviews but just after this interview, they published the final result. A total of 11 students were selected.  

The final piece of advice:

  1. Practice as many coding questions as you can. This will help you in coding round and technical interview round.
  2. Try to practice some puzzles from GeeksforGeeks.
  3. Never assume anything from yourself in any question. If you have some doubt or you can’t understand the question feel free to ask again from the interviewer.
  4. Keep the interview interactive, it’s your responsibility. Try to understand corner test cases and everything before starting to solving the coding question.
  5. Interviewers are there to help you, so feel free to discuss with him if you encounter any problem. Like while solving the string problem despite my logic being correct I encountered an error. I discussed it with the interviewer and he helped me in finding the error, there was missing parenthesis.    

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