NinjaCart Interview Experience (On Campus)

Ninjacart has visited our campus for hiring students for SDE (Software Development Engineer) and Data Analyst roles. I have applied for SDE role.

Round 1 (30 mins):
It was an online round which had 20 Aptitude questions.
Around 500 students who applied for SDE role appeared for this round and approximately 70 members got shortlisted to next round.

Round 2 (1 hour):
It was a coding round hosted on hackerrank. There were three questions, two medium and one easy difficulty (as mentioned below the question).
Around 30 students from the leaderboard got shortlisted for next round.

Round 3 (Technical Interview Round-1):
The interviewer asked me a walk-through my resume and I did. Then he asked me about my projects and I explained to him.
One of my projects was a web Application with database based on NoSQL.
He asked me to draw the database tables and their relations of the project If I were to do it as Relational Database and I did. He seemed satisfied.
Then he asked 2 coding questions:
I gave him a brute-force solution first with O(n) extra space and he asked me to optimise it by doing it in-place with constant extra space which I did.
Then he asked me to write the code for it and I did.

2.Longest Sequence of positive integers
He asked me to write the code for it and I did.

Then he asked If there were any questions on my side and I asked him the role of SDE at Ninjacart. He explained. The interview lasted for around 45 minutes. 10 students were shortlisted to the next round.

Round-4 (Technical Interview-2):
It was a short Introduction and the interviewer started asking questions. He asked 2 problems.
1.Print Right view of a binary tree
I asked him for a hint and he gave one. I told him my approach and he asked me to write the code. My code wasn’t exactly correct and then he told me the correct solution. My code needed a little modification. However, he seemed satisfied with my approach.

2.Reversing a Linked List
He asked me to write the code and I wrote which was correct.

Then he asked me about my projects and I explained. The interview lasted for around 30 minutes. There was no HR round and 5 students were hired for the role of SDE.

Verdict: GOT THE OFFER!! 🙂

Be thorough with Data Structures and Algorithms. Practice coding just not by looking at the logic but by actually coding it. This will help a lot.

Know your projects in and out.

sources to practice:

All the best! keep coding 🙂

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