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Reliance Jio Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2023
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The placement drive conducted by Reliance Jio consisted of three rounds, each of which was an elimination round. This meant that only those who successfully cleared each round were able to move on to the next one.

First Round

In the initial round, we were tested on our aptitude and knowledge of computer science fundamentals. The questions were at a medium level of difficulty, and some of them were quite tricky, requiring careful consideration to arrive at the correct answer. In a few cases, we were even asked to predict the output of certain code snippets. However, if one has a strong foundation in computer science, one can easily qualify for this round.

Second Round: The most difficult one as it was a technical interview and this interviewer started asking some coding questions and its complexities. 

  • Rotate an array right and left with T.C. and S.C.
  • Find the Most frequent element with T.C and S.C.
  • Find all substrings of a string using recursion.

During the interview, I demonstrated my problem-solving abilities by successfully addressing all of the questions posed to me. The interviewer was particularly impressed with my knowledge of operating systems, computer networks, and object-oriented programming, and even delved into more advanced topics such as semaphores. Additionally, he asked me questions about my experience with React, as I had highlighted on my resume. Overall, this interview was one of the best I’ve ever had, lasting around 45-50 minutes.

Third Round

During the HR round, the interviewer inquired about my educational background, and hobbies, and also posed questions related to the company. It was an opportunity for me to provide further information about my personal interests and qualifications, and to learn more about the organization and its culture.

Final verdict: Selected

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