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Amazon Interview Questions

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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Most Asked Questions

  1. K largest elements from a big file or array.
  2. Find a triplet a, b, c such that a2 = b2 + c2. Variations of this problem like find a triplet with sum equal to 0. Find a pair with given sum. All such questions are efficiently solved using hashing. – Practice here
  3. Binary tree traversal questions like left view, right view, top view, bottom view, maximum of a level, minimum of a level, children sum property, diameter etc.
  4. Convert a Binary tree to DLL – Practice here
  5. Lowest Common ancestor in a Binary Search Tree and Binary Tree.
  6. Implement a stack with push(), pop() and min() in O(1) time.
  7. Reverse a linked list in groups of size k – Practice here
  8. Given two numbers represented by two linked lists, write a function that returns sum list – Practice here
  9. Rotate a matrix by 90 degree.
  10. Stock span problem
  11. Next greater element
  12. Some Dynamic Programming problems like:
  13. Why Amazon?
  14. Questions about projects done in previous company or final year.
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