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Reliance Jio Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2020
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  • College: NMIET Pune 
  • Date of Interview: 23/09/2020
  • Branch: Mechanical
  • Written Test: Online test and the time duration was 1hr 45min and the platform Hackerearth.
SECTION No of Questions Time Difficulty
Aptitude 22 1 hr 45 mins Medium
Coding 2 1 hr 45 mins Medium

Interview: Students were shortlisted first based on the aggregate percentage of 3 years(more than 72%). The online test was conducted and further from 70 students, 30 students were shortlisted. Reliance JIO conducts a total of 3 Interviews. 

Technical Interview(Round 1): Basic technical questions were asked from my resume.

  1. Difference between c and c++.
  2. What is DBMS?
  3. Difference between DBMS and Data warehousing.
  4. What are HTML, CSS, and BOOTSTRAP and their uses?
  5. What are multiple inheritances? How to implement it in java?

Technical+HR Interview(Round 2): From 30 students 18 students were shortlisted for this round2.This interview was conducted by the manager. The questions were based on the internships I have done, my projects, and technical questions. (What is class, object, polymorphism, questions based on my project and personal questions).

Final Round 3(Technical+ HR): From 18 students 15 were shortlisted, and I was one of them. The interview was conducted by the Vice President of Reliance JIO. This is the last round and here they asked questions from academics. (Multithreading, Checksum method- quite easy). But the thing matters is how different you are or what different things you have in your profile and that’s the benefit. Out of 15 students 8 were selected. Build your profile strong and Be confident. 

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