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Reliance Industries Limited Interview Experience

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2023
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Pre-Interview Process

Hello everyone, I pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from NIT Surat. I got an opportunity to sit for a summer internship in Reliance Industries through a college placement cell. It was the last core company to visit in college, so it was very crucial for me to clear it.

So it all started with form filling and after a few days technical round in which MCQ questions in aptitude and from core subjects were asked. By god grace, I made it to the interview. Not being an expert in electrical engineering core subjects, I had to work a lot to clear the interview round. The first thing I did was to ask from senior who had given an interview in reliance as GET, which was very much helpful, I will say as the same pattern was followed in the Summer intern selection.

So, as getting reviews from seniors and surfing the internet, I studied my all core subjects and note down all the fundamentals of transformers and motors. I learned almost everything about motors and transformers and I was very much positive about this internship. So the D-day came and I was all ready for the interview.

Interview Round

So, I was very nervous about the interview but I was confident as I had studied a lot for the interview. I will say, preparation boosts your confidence, never go to an interview without preparation, beforehand preparation gives you an extra edge. So, my turn came for the interview, I was the sixth student to go for it. It was an online interview, l entered the meeting room at the specified time, and I was welcomed by two individuals, out of which one was HR and one was the one that will ask technical questions. Most of the talking was done by HR. I greeted with her a smile, and she did the same.

Question-Answer Round

So basic instructions were given to me, to keep the cam on, speak clearly, and ask if there is any confusion. So, my first question started with:

Technical Round

  • what is your favorite subject?

I was very much prepared for this question. I said electrical machines and then the real game begin.

He asked me almost everything about motors ( a bit less prepared) and I was able to satisfy him with my answers. He went on to ask me how a single-phase supply turn on the fan, later on, I was asked about what is inductor and capacitor. So, it was all around easy to difficult questions.

HR Round

This round is my favorite and probably the one that secured my seat for the summer internship. HR asked me,

  • What is the one problem that I faced in my college life and how I overcame it?
    • I replied about Time Management and gave a speech of around 3 min, how it was a problem initially and how I overcame it. She seemed impressed.

After this, she asked me, What is my life mantra and what is one thing that keeps me going?

I again deliver a killer and that was all to clear this interview.


So in conclusion, I will say it was a great experience, and with a tinge of core subject knowledge and confidence to speak, you can make it to the core internship.

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