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Reliance Industrial Limited Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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Reliance recently visited our Campus in mid of November. Typically it was open for all departments. 
The procedure consisted of an online test which had 2 section . 
1- 30 MCQs on data structures, oops, computer networking, operating system (35 mins). 
2 – General aptitude which had reasoning , english and maths question . 

In the computer section , time wasn’t a major issue , as many questions could be answered without solving . On the other hand , aptitude section had 25 mcq’s and 30 mins time . All you need were speed with accuracy . Their was no negative marking . 

Then shortlisted people had 2 rounds of interview . 

Technical 1 
The interviewer introduced himself and asked for my introduction . Went through my resume very carefully and asked me about my project and internship in details . He had many questions regarding project to which I answered . He even asked me if i am doing competitive coding . Told him about how i learnt competitive programming , where all i practice questions from , my ranking on different sites . He again went back to my project and asked me about further changes which i would like to make . He asked if I am having girlfriend :p , What all i do in my free time , about IOT and Cloud Computing . It went on for around 45 mins and i was very confident of making it to the next round 🙂 . 

Technical + HR 
This round had a technical guy and a HR lady . Initially HR asked me about myself, my performance in last round , about my family background , my native and everything . Meanwhile the technical interviewer was going through my resume and asked me to explain the project I did . Then he asked me about my interest in computer science field and asked basics questions of data structures and oops . Then the HR asked me if i was having any offer , if i’m okay with relocation and all those stuffs . 

Finally they selected 9 people. 



Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2021
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