Reliance Industrial Limited Internship Interview Experience

Reliance Industries Limited had come to the campus for hiring interns for the Summer internship for a duration of two months (15th May to 15th July) for CSE and IT students. It was the first time they were hiring interns. I would like to share my experience for those who would like to prepare for it:

Round 1:

The first round was an online test on AMCAT platform. It consisted of aptitude questions and questions related to the field of Computer Science which included code correction questions, and theoretical questions on subjects like Operating Systems and Data Structures and Algorithms. A few major questions were also on time complexity of the sorting algorithms. Questions were quite easy and I was among the 20 students who qualified the first round.

Round 2: 

They made us fill an application form first which consisted of general information (about us and our family, our past projects and certifications etc) and also a few questions like where do you see yourself in 2-3 years, who is your role model and why, greatest achievement, etc. And they asked the same questions in the interview as well. They were also interested in knowing how the institute is supporting us in improving our technical skills. Almost all the selected students had a great interview since they were not much into technical details of whatever we did in our projects.


The selection criteria were: the resume and the projects. Since I had only one project and that was also really very basic, so I wasn’t selected. Reliance Industries Limited is worth preparing for. Thanks for reading my article! All the Best for your career. Cheers!


This article is contributed by Amrita Mishra.

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