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Microsoft’s most frequently asked interview questions | Set 2

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Microsoft’s most asked interview questions | Set 1

Level – Easy

  1. Celebrity problem – Practice here
  2. Print numbers in given range of bst – Practice here
  3. Roof to leaf path sum – Practice here
  4. Level order traversal – Practice here
  5. Transform to sum tree – Practice here
  6. Delete middle of linked list – Practice here
  7. K distance from root – Practice here
  8. Elements that appears once where every element occurs twice – Practice here
  9. Count Occurrences of anagrams – Practice here
  10. Remove all duplicates from a given string – Practice here

Level- Medium

  1. Find a substring in a string and replace them with another string
  2. Flattening a linked list – Practice here
  3. Design a tiny url – Practice here
  4. Number to words – Practice here
  5. Maximize the array – Practice here
  6. Longest even length substring – Practice here
  7. Find column number in excel sheet – Practice here
  8. Arithmetic progression – Practice here

Level- Hard

  1. Boolean paranthesis – Practice here
  2. Convert a Binary tree to DLL – Practice here
  3. A Simple Fraction – Practice here

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Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021
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