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Microsoft Interview Experience 2019 (TECH – SET GO ) | Off-Campus Internship

Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2021
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Round 1 : Online Test
Test was conducted on Mettl. Test consist 3 Questions. All three questions were easy level.Those who solved at-least 2 or 1 and half questions were called for interview.

Round 2 : Pen Paper Coding Round
Microsoft conducted its interview process at around 8 centers across the country. I was called at Bhubaneshwar (ITER College). Around 50 Candidates from nearby region appeared for process. We were given 1 question (Removing duplicates from singly linked list) and 30 mIn to solve it. We supposed to write the code(in any language) . Judging criteria was how clean your code is, commenting, test cases etc.

20 students were shortlisted for interview round including me 🙂

Round 3 : Personal Interview
Interview started with some questions from my resume, about my projects, some real life applications of ML algorithms i have used. Then he asked me a simple question related to arrays(that i dont remember). After that he asked about basic OOPS related questions. Then he asked me to design microsoft search engine Bing. I was supposed to give appropriate classes and functions required to implement a Search Engine followed by some test cases. At last he gave me a situation that if i was given some work which i am unable to complete and deadline is approaching, what will i do .Also the only person who can help me is out of reach.

I was eliminated after this round.

Total 3 personal interview rounds each being an elimination round were conducted. Those who cleared all three PI’s were selected. Girls were given special preference. In general, questions asked were from basics(OS, DS, OOPS, CN etc). NO difficult questions were asked from data structures. They were mainly interested in your Projects. Those who got selected were having really good projects. Interviews were not at all hard. Good Understanding of CS Fundamentals and some good projects is all you need to get the internship.

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