MAN Full Form

MAN stands for metropolitan area network and it is basically a computer network that is made by connecting multiple LAN’S. MAN covers a geographical area which is known as the metropolitan area. It serves as a connection which is larger than LAN(Local Area Network) but smaller than WAN(Wide Area Network). It generally covers the area of a city. It connects different LAN’s in an area by point to point connection. MAN also provides sharing of regional resources. MAN is very effective to use in large area like a city or a large campus.

Cable TV network and telephone networks

Characteristics :

  • Area Covered –
    It covers an area from 5 km to 50 km which can cover a city.
  • Ownership –
    MAN is owned by a group of users rather than a single company.
  • High speed –
    MAN provides high speed network which uses shared regional resources.
  • Size –
    Size of MAN is in between WAN and LAN.

Advantages :

  • MAN covers a larger area than LAN.
  • It has less implementation cost and it uses less resources.
  • It provides higher security than WAN.
  • It can cover area as large as a city.

Disadvantages :

  • MAN is not easily manageable as it becomes very complex.
  • It requires highly skilled people to look after it.
  • It requires more cables for connecting the LAN’s.
  • It has high management cost
  • It covers smaller area than WAN.
  • It is only used in metropolitan areas.

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