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Difference between MAN and WAN

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2020

Prerequisite – Types of area networks – LAN, MAN and WAN
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):
MAN covers the largest area than LAN such as: Small towns, City etc. MAN connects 2 or a lot of computers that area unit apart however resides within the same or completely different cities. MAN is expensive and should or might not be owned by one organization.

Wide Area Network (WAN):
WAN covers the large area than LAN as well as MAN such as: Country/Continent etc. WAN is expensive and should or might not be owned by one organization. PSTN or Satellite medium are used for wide area network.

Let’s see the difference between MAN and WAN:

1.MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network.WAN stands for Wide area network.
2.MAN might not be owned by one organization.While WAN also might not be owned by one organization.
3.There is moderate propagation delay in MAN.Whereas there is long propagation delay.
4.The transmission speed of MAN is faster than WAN.While the transmission speed of WAN is low.
5.MAN’s design and maintenance is difficult than LAN.While WAN’s design and maintenance is also difficult than LAN as well MAN.
6.There is less noise and error in MAN in comparison of WAN.While there is more noise and error in WAN than LAN and MAN.
7.MAN covers more area than LAN but less than WAN.While WAN covers very huge area than LAN and MAN.
8.MAN supports moderate bandwidth for transfer of data.WAN supports a bandwidth of low range.
9.Cost of installation of MAN is moderate.Cost of installation is very high as compared to LAN and MAN.

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