C++ STL Tutorial

The Standard Template Library (STL) is a set of C++ template classes to provide common programming data structures and functions such as vector, lists, stacks, etc.

Standard Template Library (STL)


  1. Introduction to STL
  2. Sorting
  3. Searching


  1. Pair
  2. Vector
  3. List
  4. Dequeue
  5. Queue
  6. Priority Queue
  7. Stack
  8. Set
  9. Multiset
  10. Map
  11. Multimap
  12. Heap using STL C++


  1. C++ Magicians – STL Algorithms
  2. sort() in C++ STL
  3. Type Inference in C++ (auto and decltype)
  4. transform() in C++ STL
  5. Variadic function templates in C++
  6. Template Specialization
  7. Merge operations using STL in C++ (merge, includes, set_union, set_intersection, set_difference, ..)
  8. std::partition in C++ STL
  9. numeric header in C++ STL | Set 1 (accumulate() and partial_sum())
  10. numeric header in C++ STL | Set 2 (adjacent_difference(), inner_product() and iota())
  11. Common Subtleties in Vector STLs
  12. unordered_map in STL and its applications
  13. unorderd_set in STL and its applications
  14. Useful Array algorithms in C++ STL

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