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Component Software Testing

Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2019
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Component Testing is a type of software testing in which usability of each individual component is tested. Along with the usability test, behavioral evaluation is also done for each individual component. To perform this type of testing, each component needs to be in independent state and also should be in controllable state. Each component of the software should be user comprehensible.

Assume in a software application consists of five components. The testing of each component is done independently by the tester as part of the development cycle before integration testing is performed on it. It helps in saving time by finding the bugs at a very early stage in the cycle. Test structure tools or debugging tools are used for this type of testing as this is performed by programmers on the code written by them and with the support of IDE. Defects detected during component testing are fixed as soon as possible when they are found without maintaining the records.

Component testing has an important role in finding the issue. Before processing with the integration testing, component testing is performed in order to ensure that each component of the application is working correctly and as per requirement.

Objective of Component Testing:
The objective of Component Testing is:

  • To verify the input and output behavior of the system.
  • To check the usability of each component.
  • To test the user comprehensibility of the software.
  • To test the state of the each components of the system.

Component Testing Process:

  • Requirement Analysis:
    User requirement related to each component is observed.
  • Test Planning:
    Test is planned according to the analysis of the requirements of the user.
  • Test Specification:
    In this section it is specified that which test case must be run and which test case should be skipped.
  • Test Execution:
    Once the test cases are specified according to the user requirements, test cases are executed.
  • Test Recording:
    Test recording is the having record of the defects that are detected.
  • Test Verification:
    Test verification is the process to determine whether the product meet specification.
  • Completion:
    This is the last phase of the testing process in which the result is analyzed.

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