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Category Archives: School Mathematics

The term ‘relative’ is used to denote that an act is being observed in comparison to something other. Frequency is a way to calculate how… Read More
Rational numbers are the numbers or fractions that can be represented in the form of x/y, where x and y are integers and y is… Read More
The factors that can divide any number one or more than one without leaving any remainder are termed as a common factor. After the factorization,… Read More
The arithmetic value which is used for representing the quantity and used in making calculations are defined as NUMBERS. A symbol like “4, 5, 6”… Read More
The sum of a real number and an imaginary number is defined as a complex number, and the numbers which are not real numbers are… Read More
2sinacosb is one of the important trigonometric formulas which is equal to sin (a + b) + sin (a – b). It is one of… Read More
Mean is also called average in Mathematics which denotes the sum of all given quantities divided by the number of quantities. The arithmetic mean is… Read More
Before Arithmetic progression we have to know about Sequences and Series. A sequence is basically a pattern or we can say arrangement of numbers with… Read More
The Pi formula is used to calculate the value of Pi(π). If the circumference and diameter of a circle are known, we can use them… Read More
The amount of space filled by a three-dimensional form is defined as its volume. To put it another way, the area or region enclosed by… Read More
Before Vector projection we have to look at scalar projection or generally we says projection of  , means vector  produces projection on vector . Projections are basically of… Read More
Interest is the extra amount of fees paid to borrow money or any other assets. Interest is paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.… Read More
A prism is a 3-D shape having two identical polygons facing each other. The identical polygons are called the bases of the prism, where they… Read More
The sphere is a round 3D object. Unlike other 3D shapes, the sphere has no vertices or edges. The distance from the center of the… Read More
2cosa2cosb is one of the important trigonometric formulas which is equal to cos (a + b) + cos (a – b). It is one of… Read More

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