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Differentiation of a function is breaking up the function into a smaller and much simpler version of itself. Derivative of any function is differentiating it… Read More
Heat describes the thermal phenomena, we shall primarily describe two physical quantities called heat and temperature. Heat is a form of energy and can be… Read More
The phenomenon which governs the change of position of a body over a specified time frame is known as motion. Motion is mathematically evaluated in… Read More
Derivative of a function f(x), is the rate at which the value of the function changes when the input is changed. In this context, x… Read More
Motion in a plane is also known as two-dimensional motion. For instance, circular motion, projectile motion, and so on. The reference point for such motion… Read More
When hot water or milk is left on a table, it gradually cools. It eventually reaches the temperature of the surroundings. The hot water or… Read More
Solids are made up of atoms based on their atomic elasticity (or molecules). They are surrounded by other atoms of the same kind, which are… Read More
Previously, length was measured using units such as the length of a foot, the breadth of a palm, and so on. The ‘Cubit’ was one… Read More
When it comes to liquids, it is observed that when a thermometer is placed in slightly warm water, the mercury in the thermometer rises. When we… Read More
You’re undoubtedly aware that throwing a ball against a wall causes the ball to exert force on the wall. Similarly, the wall exerts a force… Read More
You’ve undoubtedly heard of the idea of elasticity by now. In layman’s words, it indicates that after being stretched, some substances return to their former… Read More
A thermometer with a liquid-filled bulb at one end, the most commonly used liquid are Mercury, Toluene, Alcohol, Pentane, Creosote show different readings for temperatures… Read More
Temperature is a physical parameter that indicates how hot or cold something is. It is required especially for the calculation of the average kinetic energy… Read More
Whenever an experiment is performed whose outcomes cannot be predicted with certainty, it is called a random experiment. For example, while tossing a coin no… Read More
Notes for Class 11 Mathematics Concepts, have been designed in the most basic and detailed format possible, covering nearly all domains such as differential calculus,… Read More