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A quadrilateral having both the pairs of opposite sides equal is a parallelogram. A parallelogram is a two-dimensional geometrical shape, whose sides are parallel to… Read More
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A Cartesian plane is defined as the intersection of two perpendicular number lines namely the x-axis (horizontal) and the y-axis (vertical). Using these axes, one… Read More
Lines that lie in the same plane and do not intersect are known as parallel lines. Parallel lines have equal distance between them. When a… Read More
Heron’s Formula is a very popular formula for finding the area of a triangle when the three sides are given. This formula was given by… Read More
Probability means the chances of a number of occurrences of an event. In simple language, it is the possibility that an event will occur or… Read More
Measures of Central Tendency are the methods to obtain the numerical values which are used to represent a large collection of numerical data. These obtained… Read More
Real numbers are the numbers that include both rational and irrational numbers. Rational numbers such as integers (-2, 0, 1), fractions(1/2, 2.5), and irrational numbers… Read More
Question 1. A coin is tossed 1000 times with the following sequence:  Head: 455, Tail: 545 Compute the probability of each event. Solution: According to… Read More
Question 11. Given below is the frequency distribution table regarding the concentration of sulphur dioxide in the air in parts per million of a certain… Read More
Polynomial originated from the words “poly” which means “many” and the word “nomial” which means “term”. In maths, a polynomial expression consists of variables which… Read More
Question 1. Factorize 64a3+125b3+240a2b+300ab2 Solution: As we know that, a3+b3+3a2b+3ab2 = (a+b)3  So, the above expression can be written as: (4a)3+(5b)3+3(4a)2(5b)+3(4a)(5b)2   (4a+5b)3 (4a+5b)(4a+5b)(4a+5b) Hence,… Read More