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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

It was an Oncampus oppurtunity. 1st Round: Resume Shortlisting. 42 were selected out of 350. 2nd Round:  Check if a large number is divisible by… Read More
Each year Adobe invites applications to the Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship for women in technology to drive participation and innovation in the field. The application… Read More
I directly applied on Expedia Careers Page for the position and within a week or, so I got shortlisted and received the link for the… Read More
Cognizant Technology Solutions visited our campus virtually this time, due to the ongoing pandemic situation. The entire hiring process consisted of 2 rounds which I… Read More
Round 1: Round one had only 3 coding questions which were pretty easy. Decimal Equivalent of Binary Linked List. Detecting loop in the linked list.… Read More
A recruiter contacted me through email if I was interested in applying for the SDE-1 role, I sent my resume and waited for further notice.… Read More
Accenture Bangalore visited our campus NIT Patna for virtual onboarding for Internship Opportunities. The assessments were split into four stages: Stage 1 (Cognitive and Technical… Read More
Round 1 (Coding Challenge 180 minutes): This assessment consisted of three programmatic questions on HackerRank and needs to complete within a given time (180 minutes).… Read More
There are not many Interview experiences about the Scholar@SAP program on GFG for BCA/Bsc Students hence I would like to share my Interview Process. We… Read More
Firstly there was an online test on TCS ion platform which comprised aptitude and programming questions then shortlisted candidates had a final round which was… Read More
Infosys hires through 3 ways for freshers. I applied for infytq in January. There are 3 rounds for selection through infytq. We had our first… Read More
Nagarro campus Hiring is done in 3 steps for Freshers. We applied through our university website for the same. The first round was a multiple-choice… Read More
This was the first time that Hexaware technologies were conducting its selection process in the North. It was for the position for PGET and the… Read More
VMware came to my college for Internship and Internship + Placement offers. The eligible branches for the process were CS and IT. The virtual hiring… Read More
Bank of America visited our campus for the post of Senior Tech Associate, at five different locations for the full-time offer. There was a total… Read More