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Given a positive integer N representing the count of players playing the game. The game is played between two teams such that each team consists… Read More
I was included in the CodeNation discussion list with CodeAgon – their editing competition. My position was among the top 200 and I did not… Read More
There is a one-dimensional garden of length N. In each position of the N length garden, a fountain has been installed. Given an array a[]such… Read More
Recently, on-campus drive was held for Codenation for Software Development Engineer Intern. The process was: 1. Online Test 2. Telephonic Interview 3. Skype Interview Online… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N and two integers M and K, the task is to find the array element at the Kth index… Read More
Codenation visited on my campus in August. Round 1 (Written round): First-round was a written round that took place on hackerrank. We need to solve… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to check if N can be expressed as a sum of integers having 9 as the last digit… Read More
I applied for two month long summer(2021) internship at codenation. It was an On-campus internship recruitment (Tier – 2 college). There were 4 rounds including… Read More
Q1:  How many sets are possible from an array of size n, such that each number in the set divides the consecutive number in the… Read More
Given a binary matrix M where each element of the matrix will be 0 or 1, the task is to find the largest square that… Read More
I got connected to the folks hiring at CodeNation by a 3rd party company called CareerSocially who scouted me through my LinkedIn profile. After a… Read More
Codenation offers one of the best processes, testing the overall knowledge of the candidate. Interviewing with Codenation is always an experience to remember. I was… Read More
Round 1: The first round was a coding round hosted on the HackerRank platform. There were 3 questions and we had 75 mins to solve… Read More
Given an array of positive integers(may contain duplicates) and a number ‘m’, find the number of unordered triplets ((Ai, Aj, Ak) and (Aj, Ai, Ak)… Read More
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