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Codenation Interview Experience for SDE-1 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2020
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Codenation visited on my campus in August.

Round 1 (Written round): First-round was a written round that took place on hackerrank. We need to solve 3 problems in 90 minutes. After the first round, only 3 were selected for the second round in my college.

Round 2: This was a telephonic round and revolve around my project. Interviewer asked me to explain one of my project. I have done a project on angular and firebase so my most question was related to them. They asked different situation questions and schema related questions related to my database.

Round 3: This took place on Zoom and this time I need to turn on my webcam. In this round, he gave a question. The question was as follows:

  1. You have n friends and m types of toppings and you have to order a pizza and each friend gives his/her choice.

Choice can be of two types he/she want an ith topping, or he/she doesn’t want this particular topping on the pizza

Eg: We have 3 friends and 4 toppings then

Friend 1: choice 1 is to take topping 2 and choice 2 is to not put topping 3 on pizza. Similarly, all friends tell their choices

You need to find that is there any possible way to prepare a pizza where you full fill at least one choice of each friend

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