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ServiceNow Interview Experience for Software Engineer

Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2021
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The process at ServiceNow consisted of 5 rounds: 1 Online Test, 3 Technical Rounds, 1 Manager Round.

Online Test: It consisted of 1 Dynamic Programming problem. 

  1. Find the Longest Increasing subsequence in an array. (
  2. After successful solution HR contacts you with further rounds.

    Technical Round 1(60 minutes): 2 Coding problems based on the interviewer’s mind or the difficulty of the problem he asks. 

    Provided you with an online IDE, you’ve to share the screen and write the code and explain the logic you’re going to use.

    1. Given 2 arrays of Train arrivals and departure. Find the minimum number of platforms required so that no train has to wait outside the platform. (
    2. Largest sum contiguous subarray. (

    Technical Round 2(60 – 90 minutes): 2 Coding problems with intermediate difficulty. 

    The Interview started with a breif discussion about the projects I’ve done in my previous company and a question was framed according to that.

    Provided you with an online IDE, you’ve to share the screen and write the code and explain the logic you’re going to use.

    1. Given a set of Parent/Child job relations and find out the total runtime of the parent job.
          A -> B-> 40; B->C->20; A->NULL-> 10
          X->Y->20; X->NULL->5; X->Z->10; 
          Answer : A -> 70; X -> 35

      Solution: A tree traversal approach given the relations you’ve traverse through all child nodes from a given parent and calculate the sum of all child process runtimes.

    2. Infix to Postfix (

    Technical Round 3(60 – 90 minutes): The interview started with a normal introduction and went on with a detailed discussion on my projects on Github. Explained different logic of my projects on Github/Apps on Playstore. 

    Discussion on different design patterns that I’ve used. Explained 5–6 design patterns in detail.

    Manager Round (120 minutes):1 Coding question, Very detailed discussion on the projects and expectations from the job. How does my day look like with the previous employer?

    1. Given a N*N board with the Knight placed on any block of an empty board. Moving according to the rules of chess knight must visit each square exactly once. Print the order of each cell in which they are visited. (

    Had a very detailed discussion on the solution with different ways of solving the same problem and a better approach.

    Final Verdict: Accepted.

    Important Takeaways: Interviewers were mostly looking for the problem-solving approach and gave hints when required. If you get stuck into please ask them they will guide you to reach a solution.

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