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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

GE healthcare visited our campus for EEDP role. There were total rounds (including plyometrics test). Round 1: There were 50 MCQs (OOPs, DBMS, OS, CN,… Read More
Barclays visited our university for the full-time hiring of 2022 graduates. The eligibility criteria for sitting in the process was 60% and above throughout your… Read More
Each round was an elimination round and all rounds were conducted in online mode. Round 1(Coding Assessment): 30 min for 1 question. Practice basics from… Read More
This year I’ve participated in Atlassian Girlscript off-campus. As you would have guessed, its first-round was online coding on HackerRank. There was a total of… Read More
Optum (United Health Group) visited our campus virtually in September 2021 for hiring students for FTE 2021. Students were eligible with a CGPA of 7.0… Read More
I have applied via Linkedin and received call from HR. There are 4 rounds of interview. Normally, We see machine coding as first round, due… Read More
Digital Nurture Program is an All India on-campus program with partner colleges of Cognizant launched in April 2021 for the YOP 2022 and it ended… Read More
Eligibility criteria: Above 7 GPA. Branch: IT, IT-BI, and ECE. Round 1: Online Aptitude Round Online Aptitude Round was conducted on their online platform. It… Read More
Round 1: Coding Round It was an online coding exam that consisted of one question and the coding round was hosted on Hackerrank. The question… Read More
Hello Geeks,I am going to share my interview experience with Paytm for which I had applied off-campus. This applying procedure had a funny story as… Read More
Round 1 Coding Round (70 mins) The First Round comprised of 3 coding questions which were related to Data Structures & Algorithms. Based on Arrays… Read More
Round 1: Overlapping intervals problem Merge K sorted linked list Merge 2 sorted arrays Round 2: Given 2 strings A & B. Find the smallest… Read More
Round 1: 10 Mcq along with 2 coding questions. Mcqs were mostly based on Networking, Aptitude. Coding Question- Medium to Hard Level But both questions… Read More
The post that Rebel Foods Formerly Faasos was looking for, was of SDE-1 Backend Engineer. The branches that were eligible to be a part of… Read More
Optum visited our campus DTU and it was open for MTech and BTech for all CSE and Electronics related branch Round 1(Online Round): This round… Read More