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Hashedin by Deloitte Interview Experience for Internship + Software Engineer (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2021
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Difficulty Level: Medium

I had applied for Hashedin in October through their career page, my online test was scheduled for the last week of November.

STEP 1(Online Test): Online test was conducted on codility platform. There were 3 questions which are to be solved in 1.5 hours.

  • 1st Question is a basic array and sorting implementation.
  • 2nd Question in Medium 2d-DP question. ( Not a standard Question)
  • 3rd Question is a Dp question again wherein you have to find a proper substring of a given substring which is both suffix and prefix. 
  • I have solved 1st question completely and the rest of them with 70 to 80 percent.

Note: You need to submit your code on basis of example test cases only once submitted cannot be changed, So take good care of all edge cases.

STEP 2(Technical Interview  “1-hour”): I have been informed on the 1st of December that I have been shortlisted for interviews and it was scheduled for 2nd December. The interview started with introductions on both sides Followed by CS fundamental Questions. Some of the questions I remember were:

  • Inheritance and its Types.
  • 3-Layered Architecture of DBMS.
  • Transaction Control Language.
  • Function Of Data Link Layer.
  • What is Dynamic Programming?
  • In which Scenarios do we use Dynamic Programming.

After This I have shared a google doc with two coding Questions:

  1. Given a list of words you need to group all the sets of anagrams that exist in the list.
  2. Given a list of numbers find pairs such that the difference between two numbers is k.(Negative numbers were also present in the list)

(need to do in constant space and Time: O(nlogn).

You need to obtain output and be sure of all the time Complexities.

STEP 3(Technical Interview  “1-hour 30-minutes”): On the same day of first technical interview at around 10pm I was informed that I have cleared the round and I will have my next interview after a week. My second round was scheduled on 8th of December. Began with friendly introductions and details into which programming language and tech stack I am comfortable etc. As my resume says I am more of a python programmer. Some questions were asked on it along with CS fundamentals.

  • Garbage Collection in Python.
  • Functional Programming and Higher Order Functions.
  • Decorators
  • Context Managers
  • Multi-Threading in Python
  • Singleton Objects
  • Composition and Aggregation.

After These theory Questions we Moved onto DSA:(Google Doc again)

  1. Write a function to find nth Fibonacci Number in O(n) time and constant Space(No stack space also so rule out Recursion).
  2. Coin change Problem.

Note: Proper explanation of code is required with time complexities.

Design and SQL Questions:

  • I was asked to design the schema for an Instagram kind of application that has only functionalities of followers, Following, posting pics, and viewing the feed.
  • Make sure to project your ideas while writing the tables, Take care of foreign keys and redundancy.

After writing down the tables I was two SQL queries on them.

  1. Fetch recent photos of a user.
  2. Fetch the posts to be displayed for a user.(only whom he follows is the important part here).

The interviewer was very friendly and kept on suggesting better ways.

After two days I was informed I am shortlisted for the Hiring-Manager Interview:

 STEP 4(HR Interview  “30-minutes”):

  • Education Background.
  • Where do you live.
  • Why Hashedin and what excites you to join Hashedin.
  • Two puzzles were given after this.

On the evening of the same day, I was informed that I have been SELECTED.!

Being Confident is the Key..!!

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