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Raja Software Labs Interview Experience

Last Updated : 27 Feb, 2018
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Round 1:

The first round comprised of aptitude exam in which there are total two sections

1] Paper Coding: This section was too easy it includes 5 basic coding questions like finding a sum of only even numbers from array discarding odd numbers, convert a decimal number to its binary equivalent,  printing table of an inputted number, check given string is palindrome or not and one question on printing on condition.

2] General Aptitude: This section contains two subsections the first section has 18 questions for 1 mark which contains questions based on speed, profit-loss, geometry, maths and logical thinking. The second section contains two questions each for 2 marks.

21 students were shortlisted through this round.

Round 2:

This is the first Technical Interview round. In this round, they will check your basic coding skills. They will ask you about the code that you have written in the first round and ask you to optimize them. If you are too good in that an interviewer will ask some other coding questions also.

7 students were shortlisted through this round.

Round 3:

This is the second Technical Interview round. This round is also coding interview. In this round interviewer will check your problem-solving skills and structure of your code.

Questions asked in this round:

1] Hourglass problem

2] First non-repeating character from a string

3] Print triangle pattern of stars

6 students were shortlisted through this round.

Round 4:

This is the third Technical Interview round. In this round interviewer ask me one coding question and some puzzles.

Coding question for me is stock buy sell to maximize profit


1] 50 Red and 50 Blue balls probability puzzle

2] 5 Pirates and 100 coins

3] There are 7 gates between you and your friend and you have to give 2 chocolates to your friend at the end.

On each door, there is a guard who takes half of the chocolates you have and return one, Find the minimum number of chocolates you must select at the start.

Finally, 5 students were selected after this round.

Tips: Write clean code and in a well-structured manner.

Be calm and answer politely.

Contributed by Shubham Hupare

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