Difference between Dilation and Erosion

Dilation and Erosion are basic morphological processing operations that produce contrasting results when applied to either gray-scale or binary images.

  • Dilation:
    Dilation is the reverse process with regions growing out from their boundaries.

    Dilation is A XOR B.
  • Erosion:
    Erosion involves the removal of pixels ate the edges of the region.

    Erosion is just the dual of Dilation.

Both dilation and erosion are produced by the interaction of s set called a structuring element(SE).

Difference between Dilation and Erosion:

Dilation Erosion
It increases the size of the objects. It decreases the size of the objects.
It fills the holes and broken areas. It removes the small anomalies.
It connects the areas that are separated by space smaller than structuring element. It reduces the brightness of the bright objects.
It increases the brightness of the objects. It removes the objects smaller than the structuring element.
Distributive, duality, translation and decomposition properties are followed. It also follows the different properties like duality etc.
It is XOR of A and B. It is dual of dilation.
It is used prior in Closing operation. It is used later in Closing operation.
It is used later in Opening operation. It is used prior in Opening opeartion.

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