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Applications of MATLAB

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MATLAB can be used as a tool for simulating various electrical networks but the recent developments in MATLAB make it a very competitive tool for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Image processing, Wireless communication, Machine learning, Data analytics and whatnot. Though its mostly used by circuit branches and mechanical in the engineering domain to solve a basic set of problems its application is vast. It is a tool that enables computation, programming and graphically visualizing the results.

The basic data element of MATLAB as the name suggests is the Matrix or an array. MATLAB toolboxes are professionally built and enable you to turn your imaginations into reality. MATLAB programming is quite similar to C programming and just requires a little brush up of your basic programming skills to start working with.

Below are a few applications of MATLAB –

  • Statistics and machine learning(ML)
    This toolbox in MATLAB can be very handy for the programmers. Statistical methods such as descriptive or inferential can be easily implemented. So is the case with machine learning. Various models can be employed to solve modern-day problems. The algorithms used can also be used for big data applications.

  • Curve fitting
    The curve fitting toolbox helps to analyze the pattern of occurrence of data. After a particular trend which can be a curve or surface is obtained, its future trends can be predicted. Further plotting, calculating integrals, derivatives, interpolation, etc can be done.

  • Control systems
    Systems nature can be obtained. Factors such as closed-loop, open-loop, its controllability and observability, Bode plot, Nyquist plot, etc can be obtained. Various controlling techniques such as PD, PI and PID can be visualized. Analysis can be done in the time domain or frequency domain.

  • Signal Processing
    Signals and systems and digital signal processing are taught in various engineering streams. But MATLAB provides the opportunity for proper visualization of this. Various transforms such as Laplace, Z, etc can be done on any given signal. Theorems can be validated. Analysis can be done in the time domain or frequency domain. There are multiple built-in functions that can be used.

  • Mapping
    Mapping has multiple applications in various domains. For example, in Big data, the MapReduce tool is quite important which has multiple applications in the real world. Theft analysis or financial fraud detection, regression models, contingency analysis, predicting techniques in social media, data monitoring, etc can be done by data mapping.

  • Deep learning
    Its a subclass of machine learning which can be used for speech recognition, financial fraud detection, medical image analysis. Tools such as time-series, Artificial neural network(ANN), Fuzzy logic or combination of such tools can be employed.

  • Financial analysis
    An entrepreneur before starting any endeavor needs to do a proper survey and the financial analysis in order to plan the course of action. The tools needed for this are all available in MATLAB. Elements such as profitability, solvency, liquidity, and stability can be identified. Business valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, etc can be evaluated.

  • Image processing
    The most common application that we observe almost every day are bar code scanners, selfie(face beauty, blurring the background, face detection), image enhancement, etc. The digital image processing also plays quite an important role in transmitting data from far off satellites and receiving and decoding it in the same way. Algorithms to support all such applications are available.

  • Text analysis
    Based on the text, sentiment analysis can be done. Google gives millions of search results for any text entered within a few milliseconds. All this is possible because of text analysis. Handwriting comparison in forensics can be done. No limit to the application and just one software which can do this all.

  • Electric vehicles designing
    Used for modeling electric vehicles and analyze their performance with a change in system inputs. Speed torque comparison, designing and simulating of a vehicle, whatnot.

  • Aerospace
    This toolbox in MATLAB is used for analyzing the navigation and to visualize flight simulator.

  • Audio toolbox
    Provides tools for audio processing, speech analysis, and acoustic measurement. It also provides algorithms for audio and speech feature extraction and audio signal transformation.
Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2019
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