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Informatica Interview Experience (Campus Hiring)

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Round 1 (Online MCQ test):  The first round was a MCQ based online test. In total there were 30 MCQ questions that were to be attempted in 45 minutes. The questions were based on subjects of computer science. A mix of questions from OS, DBMS were there in the set. Basic knowledge about DBMS commands and their working will help you to get through the DBMS questions. Talking about questions from Operating system,   Deadlock, and Disk Management topics were the ones being focused on. Other than that most of the questions were from Data structures. There were question in which you have to calculate the time complexity of the given code. Remember to have a look on complexities of different searching and sorting algorithms before sitting for the online test. so well, the first round wasn’t that hard but because of lack of preparation only around 80 of the students (including myself) from a selected list of  approx 400 students were able to qualify for the next round. 

Round 2 (Online coding Round):  The 2nd Round was an Online coding test. It consisted of four questions and the time limit was 90 minutes, a minimum of three questions were needed to be correct to pass this round. in this round the test questions were set in such a way that two questions were easy and two were of medium level. The easy questions were 

For the medium questions you should practice on questions based on Strings. the question we got was  

Well overall the 2nd round was easy to clear given that one has practiced well for the basic Algorithms and know how to play around with strings and arrays. Out of 80 students only 25 students were able to qualify the coding round. 

Round 3 (1st Technical Interview): After a day of both the online tests, we were invited for the technical rounds. Because of Covid-19 pandemic this round was not face to face but rather a video call on zoom. Starting with the round the interviewer first asked me that what subjects are my favorite. Because of my keen interest in Data Structures and  Algorithms I told the interviewer that i am good at DSA. Further he proceeded with these topics and the question he asked were: 

  • The very first thing he asked me was if i knew how to implement stacks and told me to do the same in an online IDE sharing the screen with him. Doing what he asked he further added the condition that i should use Generic classes to build the stack. while coding i was asked about the corner cases i was implementing in the stack. I completed the task of implementing stack.
  • After that i was given to implement spiral traversal on tree given.
  • Then i was asked about exception handling.
  • Basic DBMS questions.

The Interview went on for nearly 1 hr 30 min. The things which were being focused on was the clean code that i was asked to write and share but the most important thing was to check the approach towards the problem. 

16 students were shortlisted after this round. 

Round 4 (2nd Technical Interview): The second technical round was also a video call. This round was short, lasting for about 45 minutes. The round focused on optimization of the code which i had written in my online coding round. This round was more of a discussion round with the interviewer. The important tasks in this round that were asked are as follows: 

  • To optimize your previous code
  • Red black trees: A question was given based on Red black trees and the interviewer asked me the approach i would follow to solve the question
  • DBMS question based on: 
    • Joins
    • SQL queries
    • keys

Only 8 students were able to clear the 2nd technical round. 

Round 5 (Hiring Manager Round): This round was basically supposed to be a HR + Technical round, however, it was purely technical round and toughest of all. This round went on for 1hr 30 min. The interviewer completely focused on Data Structures and Algorithms. The important topics i faced in this round were:  

After this only 6 students were selected for the HR round. 

After the HR round only four students were selected and were offered training letters. 

So the main focus in these placements are not how accurate your code is but the interviewer is more interested to see how you come up with a solution for a problem and how clear are you on the basics of Data structures and Algorithms. They help you with hints if needed and guide you towards the correct approach but the main point is how focused and confident you are while sitting in the interview. From my side i would like to tell you only one thing 

Don’t give up easily on a question. Try thinking for the best possible solution you can apply. Ask the interviewer for any problems in your approach. This way you will definitely clear the rounds. ALL THE BEST for your placements. 








Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2021
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