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Citrix visited our campus for a software role. Online test was conducted on hackerrank platform and there were 2 coding questions and 40 MCQs based… Read More
Citrix visited our campus recently to hire final year students for a full-time role(for 2021 Batch). Online Test: The test was conducted on the Hackerrank… Read More
Online Test: The online test consisted of 2 Coding questions and 25 MCQs based on various topics such as Operating Systems, DBMS, Computer Networks, OOPS,… Read More
Interview experiences on GeeksforGeeks have been a boon for me while preparing for my on-campus placements. Thanks a lot and now that I am placed… Read More
Online Test: The first round consisted of 40 MCQs related to Operating systems, Computer Networking, Aptitude, and data structures in C++. There was no negative… Read More
Online Test (hacker Rank 2 hours): 40 MCQs on Aptitude, DS, Algorithms, OOPs, OS, and Networking. 2 coding questions: Given an array of numbers return… Read More
Online Round: There were 2 coding questions of intermediate level and some mcqs of varying topics like arrays, trees, linked list, sorting, OS, OOPS, etc.… Read More
This was an on campus hiring in PES University on 26/07/2019 Screening round : This round consisted of 2 coding questions and around 40 technical and… Read More
Round 1: Online Test (2 hrs) This round consisted of 43 Questions distributed into 2 Coding Questions, and 41 were MCQ’s on CS Core Subject… Read More
Round 1: Round 1 : (2 hours) Section 1 : 40 MCQ There were some basic questions of C, C++, OS, Networking, and Aptitude all… Read More
1)Online Test(Written):- First round was online test, consisting of 40 MCQ (Aptitude, OS, NETWORKING, C++ output) questions and 2 Coding questions. Coding Questions:- Activate Fountain:- The… Read More
Citrix visited our campus as a part of the campus recruitment drive. The process consisted of an online coding round followed by 2 technical rounds… Read More
Recently, in July 2018, Citrix visited our campus as part of the campus recruitment drive for a CTC of 25 lpa for Software developer role.… Read More
Round 1: It was an online test consisting of 50 MCQ’s and 2 coding problems in HackerRank platform 50 MCQ’s – 1hr 40 questions from… Read More
Given two integers n and m. Find the longest contiguous subset in binary representation of both the numbers and its decimal value. Example 1: Input… Read More